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12/1/13 12:15 PM

The re-indexing of the Aleph production database has finished in its entirety. We have done some testing to make sure the system is functioning correctly but if you notice anything out of the ordinary, please let us know so we can take a look at it. All automated jobs such as overdue and lost notices will run normally starting tomorrow morning. Thanks for everyone’s patience during this lengthy process.

12/1/13 8:05 AM

I believe I have resolved the Oracle issue and will be restarting the re-indexing of SYS60 shortly. I hope to have the processing complete later today and will send out updates as I make progress.

11/30/13 9:40 PM

We’re looking into a possible problem with the 2nd process for SYS60. It appears there might be an issue with Oracle so we’ve submitted a high priority support request to Ex Libris to see how we should proceed. Once we have more information on the problem, we’ll send out another update.

11/30/13 3:10 PM

Step 2 is still running smoothly and is approximately 65% complete. Another update will be sent later tonight once it finishes and step 3 has been started.

11/30/13 8:50 AM

The re-indexing of SYS01 finished earlier this morning and we are now onto SYS60.Currently we’re on process 2 of 5. At the current processing rate, this step will take several more hours to finish but so far has been running smoothly.

11/29/13 11:05 PM

Step 10 out of 10 for SYS01 is approximately 80% complete. Once it finishes, we will move on to SYS60 which is the final part of re-indexing.

11/29/13 1:15 PM

Re-indexing of SYS01 continues to run smoothly and we are about half-way through process 8 of 10 for this database. Once step 8 finishes, the last 2 steps are estimated to take between 10 & 12 hours. After that, we will finish up with re-indexing SYS60.

11/29/13 8:30 AM

Thanks to record cleanup efforts made by Andy, Nina, and Glenn, process 6 finished ahead of schedule. We are now on process 7 out of 10 and still running smoothly.

11/28/13 9:30 PM

Process 5 out of 10 for SYS01 was started a short time ago and will take a few hours to complete. So far, the processing continues to run smoothly. Process 6 will take most of tomorrow to complete so updates will be fairly limited.

11/28/13 4:15 PM

The update is a little late in coming this time but there is not much to report. The re-indexing of SYS01 is continuing smoothly so far. We are on process 3 out of 10 for this database. I will send out another update later tonight to let everyone know the status.

11/28/13 8:00 AM

Re-indexing of SYS01 continues to run smoothly although it is taking a little longer to complete than estimated. Once we have a better idea of how long it will take to complete, we’ll include it in an update.

11/27/13 4:00 PM

The first SYS01 processing job has been running smoothly and should complete later this evening. Once this job completes, it will be followed by another 9 processes that should all finish Saturday morning. After that, we will begin re-indexing SYS60. We will send out more updates tomorrow as we progress. Thanks for everyone’s patience as we complete this process.

11/27/13 12:45 PM

The re-indexing of the authorities database (SYS10) completed successfully a short time ago. We are proceeding with the re-indexing of the bibliographic database (SYS01) at this time. This database is considerably larger than SYS10 so will take much longer to complete with an estimated time of 65 hours. Once it completes, we will begin re-indexing the last database which is the holdings database (SYS60).

11/27/13 8:00 AM

The re-indexing was started successfully shortly after 9 PM MT last night. So far, the processing is running smoothly in the authorities database (SYS10). Once all those processes complete, we will begin processing in the bibliographic database (SYS01). As we progress through the day, we’ll send out another update this afternoon and again this evening. These updates will be fairly basic as the processing is generally either a success or failure. If there are significant events, we will make sure to include them in an update. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

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